Aztech Networks Hosting Services

Aztech Networks provides two levels of hosting services to meet each customers individual requirements.  The hosting services are broken into two primary datacentres:

Discount Hosting Services:

  • US Based hosting to deliver maximum resources and availability for minimum costs.
  • Perfect solution for websites targeted at primarly International customers or sites which require higher traffic and disk volumes.
  • Best suited to lower volume Australian sites where costs is a focus

Premium Hosting Services:

  • Australian based Premium hosting to deliver the best speed and avialability for Australian customers.
  • Sydney based redundant data centre with high speed redundant Internet feeds.
  • The services is the perfect solution for websites that target an Australian customer base as it ensure the best possible speed to the Australian Internet backbone.

SSL Certificates:

  • SSL Certificates provide encryption for your online store to protect your customer data and give your customers the peace of mind to trust their information is safe when dealing with you,
  • Multiple levels available to suit the different customer requirements.

Domain Names:

  • Aztech Networks offers discounted domain name registration services for all the main Internet domain types.
  • This service allows our hosting customers to get all their services from Aztech and we can ensure it all works seemlessly together without the headaches.