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Aztech Networks can provide multiple levels of web site security for your online business through our secure GeoTrust and Rapid SSL Certificates.  The use of SSL shows your customers that you are serious about protecting their personal data and financial information from hackers and lets them shop with confidence.

Depending on your requirements, we have multiple levels of SSL protection available to suit you:
If you are looking to provide customer security for a single site then Aztech would recommend  the RapidSSL or QuickSSL certificates, which can be provisioned in 10 minutes and will give your customers confidence to buy with warranty protection.
If you are looking to create a complete Internet business presence, then the True Business ID gives you complete end-to-end Internet security coverage, including extra levels of security checks so your customers know you are serious about their security.
If you have multiple sub-domains you want to protect (eg:,,, then you will want to consider the "Wildcard" options, which allow unlimited sub-domains to be covered with a single certificate. Saving you hundreds of dollars, compared to purchasing individual certificates.
Check the options below to find the certificate to suit your requirements:
  Rapid SSL  Quick SSL  Quick SSL
True Business ID   Rapid SSL
Ture Business ID

 Price /yr

$AUD inc. GST

$69   $149  $249  $299  $369  $999
Domains   Single Single  Single  Single   Unlimited
 128 /256 bit  256 bit  256 bit  256 bit 256 bit  256 bit 
 Issuance Speed  10 mins 10 mins   10 mins 1 - 2 days
manual checks for
highest security 
10 mins  1 - 2 days
manual checks for
highest security 
 Browser Support  99%  99% 99% + mobile devices   99%  99%  99%
 US$10,000 US$10,000  US$100,000  US$10,000   US$10,000 US$10,000 
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QuickSSL Certificates
Automated 128-bit SSL digital certification for secure e-transactions
and communication at a lower cost than competitive products— delivered in
just ten minutes.
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QuickSSL and QuickSSL (PDF)
TrueSite Seal
Patented “Smart Seal” technology for fast, reliable and user-friendly
third-party web site identity authentication that gives your customers the
confidence to stay — and pay.
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True Site (PDF)
True Business ID
A bundled package of SSL and True Site
services compatible with all popular web browsers for end-to-end online security
that’s easy to implement and manage — all at an affordable price.
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True Business ID Data Sheet